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There are a number of ways you can support the Scotland’s Churches Trust:


Donations are a very important form of income for SCT. They are gratefully received, however large or small.

Under the Gift Aid scheme the Trust can increase your donation by recovering tax you have paid in your donation at no additional cost to you.

If you would like to make a donation there are a number of ways in which you can give:

  • You can make an easy one-off payment of a fixed amount via our agent, GoCardless by selecting one of the following:

£10 donation                    £50 donation                    £500 donation

If you would like to donate any other amount, using this Instant Bank Payment system, we will gladly email you a link. 


  • Direct to our bank account:

Please email us so that we may give you the account details and write to thank you!

  • Send a cheque to us at:

Scotland’s Churches Trust

15 North Bank Street




If you are a UK taxpayer and wish to make use of the government Gift Aid Scheme (at no cost to yourself) please email stating that you agree with the following statement: “I am a UK tax payer and wish to Gift Aid all donations made to Scotland’s Churches Trust. I also agree with the SCT privacy policy as described at “.


Your gift is much appreciated.


Thank you again.


Donations of Shares

If you donate shares to charity their market value is deducted from your taxable income and you have no capital gains tax to pay.


Please kindly remember this Trust when making or altering your Will. As a general rule assets bequeathed (or gifted) to charities are exempted from capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Other ways to support us

If you are accustomed to giving substantial sums to several charities you are probably aware of other tax-efficient methods such as giving through the Charities Aid Foundation, King’s Hill, West Mailing, Kent ME19 4TA, or setting up a private charitable trust.

The Hon Treasurer will be pleased to explain any points not clear to you from these brief notes, please feel free to contact us.

Scotland’s Churches Trust
15 North Bank Street
Edinburgh EH1 2LP

0131 225 8644